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My hobbies include making digital art (pixel art/furry porn etc), 3D modelling, and programming. I post about these to some extent on my external profiles. I have exclusively been using Linux (manjaro with KDE) for 3 years. I make all my art in Krita and/or Blender.

Update (04/18/24): Made a LAB color-space painting program, MewLAB. What is LAB color space?? well just check this shit out
Here's a gradient in RGB color space, the default color space
And here's the same gradient in LAB space. nuff fucking said !!!

if these look the same then your browser is either old or fucked up not my problem... MewLAB should work though

Update (07/25/23): Re-tooled the gelmusic player on this page to no longer use the youtube player. Moved my mastodon instance to, feel free to join if you need a place on the fediverse. Started a page with some Linux tips

Update (04/10/23): I've done a bunch of stuff since the last update; updated my art gallery to Gelsoft Navigator, made this Japanese flash card game, started a Mastodon instance and forum, made a Gelmew shrine page, and maybe some other stuff.

Update (10/28/22): I added a new page with a windows 95 style to show off the custom scrollbar i made

The character that's following your mouse is Gelvi, Vulli's character.