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My hobbies include making digital art (pixel art/furry porn etc), 3D modelling, and programming. I post about these to some extent on my external profiles. I have exclusively been using Linux (manjaro with KDE) for 3 years. I make all my art in Krita and/or Blender.

Update (07/25/23): Re-tooled the gelmusic player on this page to no longer use the youtube player. Moved my mastodon instance to, feel free to join if you need a place on the fediverse. Started a page with some Linux tips

Update (04/10/23): I've done a bunch of stuff since the last update; updated my art gallery to Gelsoft Navigator, made this Japanese flash card game, started a Mastodon instance and forum, made a Gelmew shrine page, and maybe some other stuff.

Update (10/28/22): I added a new page with a windows 95 style to show off the custom scrollbar i made

The character that's following your mouse is Gelvi, Vulli's character.