miles house.

Code stuff

javascript cheats and other stuff ive made for random pet sites:

Neopets scripts Pokeheroes scripts Pokefarm Q scripts GPX scripts

Make images/gifs shake using CSS

Mostly just stuff for my own reference here

How to turn this:

into this


str.replace(/\n/gmi, '",\n"') infinite scroll without lagging

for (var i = $('div .col-large-2').length - 30; i > 0; i--) { $('div .col-large-2')[i].remove();

how to return to your spot in the list if you close the window:

var epicInt = setInterval (function() {if (!document.body.textContent.includes("whatever model name you last saw")) {for (var i = $('div .col-large-2').length - 30; i > 0; i--) { $('div .col-large-2')[i].remove(); } } }, 900)