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List of instances of people embarrassingly referring to cyan as 'blue' or 'light blue'

In Nuclear Fruit: How the Cold War Shaped Video Games, the narrator describes the cyan ghost Inky as light blue.

On the webpage Twilight Guard: The Hanky Codes, the author of the website erronously and shamefully refers to several different variations of cyan and teal as "BLUE", or "LIGHT BLUE". For example, the "BLUE, Light w/YELLOW Dots" hankerchief means "likes asian suckers", or "likes to suck asians". However, the color they use to describe this "light blue" hanky is nearly pure web cyan. You can tell me how they expect someone to make a neon-cyan hankerchief using only fabric and no blacklight. If anyone figures this out please tell me.

In a unique case, in the documentation for the Chicago95 GTK theme, the author describes the hex color #008080 as "gray":

If you want to use the default Windows 95 gray instead of a background image [...] set "Color name" to #008080.

This text is on a #008080 background. If this looks gray to you, your monitor and/or eyes are miscalibrated.

The Blue Crystal ChiBee Mod by Pickletastic! is referred to as "blue" (not even "light blue") while clearly being cyan.

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