DNI/DNFIs, BYFs and more

(Do Not Interact/Do Not Follow If - Before You Follow)

An extensive compilation of various things carrd creators would like you to know before interacting with them. The following are directly copy-pasted from carrds I found from searching "carrd" on Twitter and Google. Unsourced to protect their identities.

help I need additional context is a free website builder with the intention of allowing people to make a simple, business card-like page. It's often used as an extended bio for someone's twitter or tumblr(mobile), since those platforms have a limited character count for user descriptions, but is also used to spread activism information, aggregate a user's social media links, or for artists to host their commission info.

The carrds used for user bios usually contain standard bio information like gender and likes/dislikes, but also these categories: DNI (Do Not Interact/Follow), for characteristics the reader could have that the user wants to avoid, and BYF (Before You Follow), for disclaimers about the user themself, that the reader is expected to be aware of before interacting. Also, occasionally, for the reader's convenience, some writers decide to list any and all hyper specific topics that are triggering to them. Their intention being that people will know not to bring it up around them, but also has the side effect of making it extremely easy to upset them. (Don't do this)




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