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Second Life Notes

I'll dump my notes for working around the dumb shit that SL makes me go through to make avatars here. They won't be super organized for now. I don't use avastar and I am much more familiar with Blender than SL, so keep my perspective in mind while referencing this

The default preset for exporting .dae files to SL/OpenSim is still not correct (as of 2.8). The rest of the Sl+Open Sim Rigged/Static presets are all OK except for this needed change:

Global Orientation:

This stuff took me frustratingly long to figure out because info on the skeleton is just so scattered and/or not beginner friendly. Here's my advice for people who want to make avatars.

When you make an avatar, all the bones need to be named correctly, and in the right order for the bone heirarchy; you can't just rearrange the skeleton in whatever way you want. The mHead bone needs to be attached to the mNeck bone, you can't attach mHead to any other bone. You don't *need* to include every bone that SL supports, like the trillions of face bones, or the collision bones (the bones with all-caps names). At the very least, for your avatar to be accepted and upload correctly, you need this set of bones:

mWristRightmElbowRightmShoulderRightmCollarRight mChest mCollarLeftmShoulderLeftmElbowLeftmWristLeft

Where mPelvis is the root bone.