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About me

1995 - Them

I've been obssessed with computers and games from my earliest memories to now. I tried to learn how to code when I was a preteen but couldn't figure it out until a couple years ago. It's never too late to learn something new. Here are some things that are important to me.
I initially joined the furry fandom as a "joke" but then it became a real interest after I met many people who were and still are special to me. I enjoy animal people and creatures

My fursona, Miles the Kiophen

Miles, "mileskitaro" Kitaro is a kiophen from den. They're a gliding delivery kiophen, and travel between branches of the great tree to make their deliveries. They're kind of a loner due to their job which prevents them from staying in one place for too long. I like worldbuilding this concept, but have no current intention of making anything else out of it other than designing kiophen.

My favorite color is cyan, the color between green and blue. Most people think cyan is just light blue, but it's its own color. Most people haven't been raised with the vocabulary to distinguish between cyan and blue. Noticing people refer to this color incorrectly is probably my only personality trait.

Cyan is technically as different from blue as yellow is different from red

Cyan is the base hue, and some tones of cyan include teal, turquoise, and aqua. I've heard that in some places, bright cyan is called 'neon blue'. I can accept this over calling it light blue..

This is cyan.
(Hex #0ff)
This is light blue.
(Hex #77f)

When you put them side by side like that, the light blue can look like lavender, but it's literally pure blue with white added to it. Here's 256 randomly generated shades of cyan.

I like the Y2K aesthetic. I hope there is a revival of the 2000s consumer design aesthetics.